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Boosh’s Modern Life Episode 008: “The Colour Red”

In this episode we talk about remakes, John Hartford’s Aereo-Plain and Blazing Saddles. Please let us know what you think in the comments, and it would help us out a lot if you told your mom to listen to us 🙂 Follow the cast on Twitter: @JayBoosh @GroutyDotA @YvesTM @JonathonSuelzle… Continue »
By enemyzero | 31 March 2017 | Boosh's Modern Life,podcasts | , , , , , , |    

Boosh’s Modern Life Episode 007: “Fuckin ACE”

This is the best sounding episode of the show yet! on this episode we talk about how artists act outside of their media and if that affects how we absorb their content. They talk about how Three amigos is the worst movie they’ve watched ever (until next week anyway) and… Continue »
By enemyzero | 24 March 2017 | Boosh's Modern Life,podcasts | , , , , , , |    

Boosh’s Modern Life Episode 006: “You’re No Daisy”

Episode six starts with some great barnyard impressions, we talk about how fucking great tombstone is, and we have some real talk about competitive gaming, both at gaming stores and at home! Thanks for listening and please let us know what you like, don’t like, and share! Follow the cast… Continue »
By enemyzero | 17 March 2017 | Boosh's Modern Life,podcasts | , , , , , , |    

Boosh’s Modern Life Episode 005: “Board Games and Millennials.”

On this episode the guys talk about the late great Bill Paxton and set up a movie club in his honour, they discuss their disappointment in an old favorite and some surprise in a different old favorite. Thanks for listening, we love you, thanks for your support, please remember to… Continue »
By enemyzero | 09 March 2017 | Boosh's Modern Life,podcasts | , , , , , , |    

Boosh’s Modern Life Episode 004: “Tell Me About Lizard People”

Ever wonder who was behind 9/11? Ever wonder who runs the world? Ever think car rails are too odd to be real? Well then this week’s episode is for you, we talk about conspiracy theories this week, we discuss the tragic passing of Bill Paxtor RIP and we as always… Continue »
By enemyzero | 03 March 2017 | Boosh's Modern Life,podcasts | , , , , , , |    

Birds with Rancors | Enchanting Legacy

    I recently piloted Enchantress to a 3-3-2 record at SCG Tampa which is by no means good but I think that I played good overall at my first ever big Legacy tournament. Two of my three losses were matches that I am confident that I would have won… Continue »
By enemyzero | 30 March 2012 | articles | , , , , , , |    

Grand Prix Orlando 2012 REPORT

Continuing my tradition of writing the best tournament reports that no one ever reads, here is my report for Grand Prix Orlando 2012! I don’t go to a lot of GP’s but Orlando is my home turf so I got lucky this time. I literally live 5-10 minutes away from… Continue »
By enemyzero | 22 January 2012 | articles | , , , , |    

Grand Prix Orlando Survival Guide

Grand Prix Orlando is fast approaching and it’s on my home turf finally. The only other GP I have been to was GP Portland (report post here) and it was one of the top Magic experiences I have ever had. I love the area and I got to visit my… Continue »
By enemyzero | 24 December 2011 | articles | , , |    

GP Portland Non-report.

Well I’m finally getting a chance to write about my trip to GP Portland and all the crazy fun I had. It was my first ever Grand Prix and I really wanted to experience one before I started my new job and lose all my free time. I’m pretty much… Continue »
By enemyzero | 25 September 2010 | articles | , , , |    

Top 5: The Best Magic the Gathering Lands of all Time

Lands are something every Magic deck needs. You can’t play anything without mana right? Well some lands go above and beyond, doing extraordinary things and breaking your wallet at the same time. Let’s have a look at some of the best of all time! Staff: Please keep in mind these… Continue »
By enemyzero | 24 May 2010 | articles | |