Top 5: The 5 Best RPGs of all Time

Everyone likes a good RPG once and awhile right? The sexually unidentifiable main characters, the badly written dialog, the mindless boredom of 30 minute cinemas. There are a lot of bad RPGs out there but there are also many good ones that break the mold from the normal and excel. Here are our picks for some of the best of all time. Also, SPOILERS.

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5 // Chrono trigger

We seriously had a hard time thinking of anything that we didn’t like about Chrono Trigger. It’s one of the games that Squaresoft laid its foundation on to become one of the most preeminent role playing makers in the business (which apparently gives them a free pass today to make garbage games like Final Fantasy 13 and get away with it).

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The game itself did a lot of things that not many games did before. It had a very likable cast of characters and they had combo magic attacks depending on which 3 party members you had. It added a little bit of strategy to choosing your party members aside from the normal choice in Squaresoft games…the characters which are the least annoying.

Another big thing we loved was the time travel aspect. Things you did in the past really did affect things in the future. If you left a treasure chest intact in the past and traveled to the far future the item would be upgraded, it was hard skipping over some stuff but it was worth the wait. Quests in the past would change big things in the future and you could see it change right before your eyes, which was awesome.

And they say I’M a nerd?

Replayability isn’t a quality normally associated with RPGs but Chrono Trigger also sported around 15 endings making it one of the most replayable RPGs ever. We can’t help but feel that if they released Chrono Trigger nowadays each ending would be paid DLC…

Coolest moment: When Chrono “dies” halfway through the game.
Lamest moment: That motorcycle minigame.

4 // Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is the only newer game on the list but it definitely earned the spot. It’s Bioware’s finest game and a perfect hybrid between standard roleplaying aspects and shooter aspects. Bioware really outdid itself with ME2…the story, the graphics, the dialog, the characters, the music and sounds…everything they have done before ME2 just seems like it was practice and ME2 was the magnum opus. Until their next game that is…

Real men don’t look at explosions.

The characters and dialog are the best features again, although the totally redone combat system is close behind. The shooting aspect feels extremely visceral this time around and not “tacked on” like the first Mass Effect’s did at times. All of the characters are fleshed out so well with good backstories and world-class voice acting, it’s really hard to not get attached to them. Our Mordin died in the last scene…it was so sad.

Purely her combat skills are the only reason she didn’t die.

They added tons of new stuff and just flat out got rid of the stupid crap in the first game like the vehicle areas and the HORRID inventory system. Hopefully they fired the guy that made the first’s inventory system because it was just that bad. Seriously, if we were members of the group from Hostel we would chain someone in a room and make them manage our ME inventory for hours. Sadistic I know.

Coolest moment: Greatly improved combat system.
Lamest moment: My head hitting the keyboard after falling asleep while planet scanning.